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Life Stage Gift Planner™

At various stages of our lives, we all deal with different issues, financial and otherwise. These stages of life need to be taken into account when planning your gift for Montclair State.

The Life Stage Gift Planner™ will help guide you through the financial strategies and possible charitable solutions to the taxing problems you may be facing. To get started, choose the appropriate age category below.

Under Age 60 photo
Patricia DiFlauro Piroh ’88 ’92 M.A.
“If people knew how much
they get by giving,
everyone would do it.”
Under Age 60


Ages 60-70 Smaller
Charles L. ’54 ’58 M.A. ’10 Hon.
and Lori Magliaro
“Montclair State means
so much to us.”
Ages 60–70


Audrey Vincentz Leef ’43 ’09 Hon.
“I wouldn’t be where I am weren’t
it for Montclair State.”
Over Age 70



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