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The Things That Last

George Hennings ’47, ’48 MA and his wife, Dorothy

The time that George Hennings ’47, ’48 MA spent at Montclair State University had a lasting effect on the 92-year-old’s life. His love of science was honed on campus. His education made him a lifelong learner. The career his education afforded him — he was a high school science teacher and later a college professor — was rich and rewarding. And he established lifelong relationships on campus, meeting his best friend of more than 70 years when they were freshmen.

George believes that the education he received at Montclair State started him down a path of professional successes and personal satisfaction. It’s a path, he says, that he wants to make sure is available to young people starting out today. And he is very conscious of the fact that it’s harder and harder for today’s students to afford a quality college education.

“My first semester at Montclair, the tuition was $60,” he recalls. “The costs were reasonable and the standards [for admission] were high.”

The life-shaping experiences he had as a student are why George says that he and his wife of more than 45 years, Dorothy, have established a charitable gift annuity to benefit Montclair State University. A charitable gift annuity, which can be established with a gift of cash or stock, generates fixed quarterly payments to the donor, as well as a tax deduction. At the time of the donor’s death, the remainder of the annuity will pass to Montclair State for the purpose the donor specifies.

George and Dorothy have also endowed the George Hennings Scholarship fund, which is already providing scholarships to Montclair State students, and will continue to do so for years to come.



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